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Hi Guys of the screen printing world,

I need to ask you a few questions if you'd be so nice to take a little bit of time to answer them.

Basically I'm totally new to the whole screen printing game (havent even got a press yet!) I'm based in the UK so please answer questions as best you can based on £GBP please.

How much do you pay on average for tshirts inc. VAT?

How much is the average size tub of ink? (don't know which most people go for I.e. 1/2 litre fine and 1ltr too much to start)

How much ink do you use per tee? (guessing would be price wise by dividing say 250ml x how many tees that'll do)

What sort of price can you comfortably sell at for say a 2 colour design tee?

Due to hoodies/polos/jumpers costing more to buy do you charge more?

Roughly how many single colour prints A4 size will you get from a 250ml of ink? (I know it varies a lot for each design so roughly)

I appreciate your time if you can answer these for me, I may have more questions in the future.

Pure Vinyl
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