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Hi, I have plans to start a t-shirtwebstore that is not too small, within half a year or so, and I have some questions:

How many shirts does the average t-shirt store sell?

I am in the Netherlands. Most stores are in the USA. Has anyone an idea if the the market is bigger than in Europe?

I would like to have a better insight in the people who buy tees on the internet. Like; age, and what tees are sold most: for men or women?

I am going to buy t-shirts from my house, like most t-shirtswebstores probably do. Is it usually to mention your address (and telephonenumber) on the site?

What is the best way to start with: just t-shirts or also longsleeves, hoodies etc?

What is a good number of graphics to start with?

What is good software for a t-shirtswebstore?

I would appreciate it when I get some answers. Thanks.


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We have been in business for almost a year and we currently sell between 50- 60 shirts a month. We've found most our customers are guys, college age 18-30. We dont sell too many womens tshirts, however we dont have as many great womens designs as we do guys. Start out with a wide range of items, mostly t shirts as they sell the best and go from there. Maybe 30 -40. People will buy t-shirts more than they will anything else. After you see what sells more, then you can create more of that type of item.

The market is huge in europe. They tend to spend more per order. However its just breaking out big in the US which makes the competition smaller. The best thing is to offer sales to both markets.

People trust you more if you list an address and definetely a telephone number. It assures them that you are a legitamate person or company and not just "some guy", even if you are just "some guy" selling shirts out of his garage. If you dont want angry customers knocking on your door then get a PO box. You can also get an 800 # pretty cheap that will take messages automatically for you or forward them to your cell phone or home phone. I like www.ringcentral.com
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