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Hello everyone. I have been trying to get into halftone printing and have been reading alot about them. This website is great, but i see one problem. There is no single question they can go into to look for a majority of the general information about halftone printing. What i would like to do is for everyone maybe to upload an image and explain how you would go about printing it halftone? Exposing, Color layer order, LPI, Mesh and so one.. Maybe this will help a person like me still looking for more information from having to search for hours and just getting more and more confused about it with every new post i read..

Thanks guys. I hope this works out.

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So, how much do you know about screen printing?

And I do feel you. (I feel the same way about doing higher end separations manually)
And it's funny you should post this because I've been wanting to do just what you're asking. (So you've motivated me...LOL)
And when I get some time I will actually do it.

But I will tell you that every post and variation could result in more confusion if you don't have a firm grasp and comfortable understanding of srceen printing as a whole and all the key elements that it involves.

It's a great idea.
Mind you, I'm not assuming how much you know or what experience you have. So just a bit of (very measured...LOL) commentary that may allay frustration for some folk.

Having a lot of different detailed anecdotes may seem disconnected when in fact they all share a very similar consistent foundation. It's like explaining improvisation without having a music theory foundation. Or I could learn the particulars and details of a manual shift or automatic but I'd have to know how to drive to apply and really understand they both are just variants with driving as the basis.

Another example is that a lot of sources cite using 305 mesh count and 55-65 lpi for doing 4 color process. That's fine. But often it's assumed that this is the requirement. With experience you know it's not
absolutely required and why, and the alternatives that depend on a lot of other factors.

But, bottom line is you can't have too much information out here and seeing how different folk do things is definitely valuable, so I say let's give it a go.

As matter of fact I'd rather do this than cut my grass...
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