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Hey everyone any help will be much appreciated.

This is what I am using and doing so far:

ProChem DXP Pink 2 part photo emulsion
My material is Organza (I guess its the material for wedding veils)

I am stretching the organza over a painting frame and stapling it tight to make a screen.
I am putting the emulsion on the inside of the screen with a scoop coater evenly.
I let the emulsion dry for 2 hours in a dark box.
I place my design on the same side of the screen I placed the emulsion on and place a piece of glass on top of the design and lay it all on a black sheet.
I placed everything in the florida sun and waited for about 2 hours and I haven't been able to fully burn the image in the emulsion.
I can see the design but have not got to the point of being able to wash it out yet!

My questions are:
Am I using the right kind of material? (The lady at the craft store disn't know what a 110 mesh material was!)

Is my emulsion any good?

Am I placing the image on the wrong side of my screen?

Do I need to burn it longer or is there a light bulb that will burn it for me cheap?

Any answers will help? Thanks in advance!

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You place the film on the shirt side of the screen, not the inside of the screen, with the glass against your film and the black cloth on the squeegie side with something to hold it tight to the screen/film/glass sandwich. I'd suggest buying a screen ready made from a screenprinting supplier. In Florida, on a sunny day, your exposure probably shouldn't take more than 30 - 60 seconds, but it's a hit-or-miss proposition. You'd be better off with a 500w halogen light so that you'd have a constant light source. It'll take a lot longer than the sun, but it'll be easier to come up with tests that are meaningful to arrive at a proper exposure time. Depending on the emulsion, anywhere from 7 to 18 minutes.
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