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Gear Picture

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I was replacing the capping station and I heard a snap but couldnt figure where it came from. Put everything back together and I got a 00010035 error code. Took it apart again and I noticed this smaller gear that sits on top of the gear that connects to the cap station was disconnected. It looks as though the end of the piece that the gear sits on came off and I have no idea how it looks as it looks quite different. Its not locked in place so Im kind of screwed for the night as I put the gear back on and it eventually goes off track and comes off. (Horrible picture attached)

If anyone would be nice enough to post a picture of how it looks when complete that would be great.

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I couldn't really tell what gears you pictured so I took a few. Hopefully one works. I have Skype if that would help lmk.


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Thanks eric, not at work at the moment but if any picture is close it's picture 2 but would need to be in reverse view. The picture I posted is where that long piece with a small gear at the end connects to the capping station. The picturei posted shows a machine with no capping station installed. Hope that helps. Clear photos though!
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