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Hey guys,

Thought I'd post a small introduction about myself. I am 23 years old from Melbourne Australia. I am a sign writer and a web designer by trade. Currently have two successful partnerships. I am currently finishing off a Bachelor of Accounting and a Bachelor of Computing at Monash University. I also have a Diploma in Business Advertising from Swinburn Tafe.

I have also worked for a wholesale clothing company with manufacturing in china. I was doing accounts and part of my CPA Passport program. I gained alot of knowledge in terms of the industry itself and have a very good contact now for garments.

I have also recently visited china to develop contacts over there in a range of industries to further develop my portfolio of business ventures.

I am starting a clothing brand which incorporates t-shirts. This forum has been of great benefit to me in terms sources, understanding the process and marketing directly related to the t-shirt industry.

I currently have a company developing the logo for the brand.

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