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GCC Expert LX - incomplete cut / hunging chad....

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Hello everyone, hoping for some guidance...\

I have been cutting for months with a silhouette and just got my hands on a gently used Expert LX.

Ive got it up and running finally but I cant seem to get a quality cut. The blade seems to either end on a slightly angle cut or begins this way which results in a small piece of vinyl going un-cut. When I try and weed this each letter is torn.

Expert LX
Calendered vinyl
Tried different offsets
tried different speeds

nothing seems to eliminate this issue. The cutting strip has some wear, what is it made of? can I replace it? where do I get one?

I used a cutting mat to eliminate this as the potential cause and it did the same thing with the mat.

Hoping maybe its just the blade? ive got some ive ordered but they are not here yet.

Luckily I have my cameo to fall back on but would rather get going with this machine instead!

Thanks for any insight.
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well reading other threads I may have found a contributing issue? My cutter is a 2016 build and I am to understand the blades are 2.5mm...

The cutter I have is used and the previous owner uses a Roland as his primary cutter. The blade in my machine is a 2mm. He said he just used Roland blades in it, so this may or may not be my issue...
Re: GCC Expert LX - incomplete cut / hanging chad....

You have to make sure you have the correct offset for the degree blade you are using or else you will get curved lines where they should be straight. To change the offset on this cutter you need to go into the VLCD program that should have come with your cutter. If you use a 45 degree blade then the offset should be .25mm. If you use a 60 degree blade then the offset should be .50mm.
Thanks for the post in helping me sort this out. I cut the same file 10 or more times with each offset selected in the VLDC but none seem to fix it completely just varied degrees of not good enough. This cutter should be leaps and bounds above my Silhouette which cuts perfect for the cut alignment. The slow boat from china will take awhile so I am trying to source a local-ish 2.5mm blade to see if that is the issue.
Got the 2.5mm (45*)blade in and set it up with a 250 or 275 offset. Working great now. Fast cutting machine. Still fumbling through greatcut.
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