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Once again a Repost cut & Paste of my post today....

OK one of these cutters just came across my shop. I haven't even thought about this software that is sold with the cutter. So first was the drivers. I didn't install any drivers at all. I allowed windows 7 64bit to install drivers. Then I played the finding the correct port game. I am using flexi 8.6 as well. I used flexi settings for GCC [email protected]_Printer_2. Now cutter fully responds. Now the next issue is pressure settings. I hope I helped. I have learned most cutters today drivers work thru windows its just the ports and com issues.

Edit : I will be setting this cutter up on a dell D620 running win7 32bit. So I will see how things run clean thru this. If you want me to try a different program send me a message and I will gladly do that. This machine and laptop leave tomorrow evening so please contact me immediately. I have no problems experimenting..

21 - 25 of 25 Posts