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GCC Expert 24 - tips on cutting LONG stripes

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Had a great customer ask me about cutting long stripes for their trailer fleet. The vinyl would be cast and would be metallic... not sure that detail is important or not.

Anybody have tips or suggestions on how to handle this project? The customer wants 6" wide stripes, up to 53 feet long...... they would prefer single strips. I'm doubtful my cutter can cut anything that long perfectly straight without the vinyl slipping.

This is a customer where perfection is pretty important... so I'd rather not do it than do it poorly. Also, the vinyl isn't cheap by any means, so I don't want to screw up and waste a lot of materials.

Thanks for your thoughts and ingenious ideas ;)
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If these are just pure rectangular strips, custom order the vinyl slitted to the width you need.
Avery SW900 comes in 1/4, 8", 10", 12" widths. If you need 6" you can slice 2" off the 8" roll or take a 12" roll and slice it in half.
Avery Vinyl, Avery SW 900 Supreme Wrapping Film
Thanks for the tip BrianHahn. This particular project requires the Oracal brand of vinyl and I don't know if I can get that custom cut in strips.... that would really be ideal.

Is there a good way to slice my Oracal roll and get nice clean edges? I'm guessing it's possible.... not sure I have the equipment/ability to do it right.
Sure, we do this regularly. Basically, you will need to buy the roll and then there is a slit fee and you can tell us how you would like it slit. Probably a 15" roll slit to 6,6,3.

This is done on a roll slicer.
Can you do 951 Oracal slitting? If you do and would like to send me a private message, I'd be interested in details..... pricing, time frames, etc. Thanks.

Still open to thoughts on how long of cuts I can do on my cutter and maintain graphic integrity.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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