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GCC Expert 24 Rollers feeding material back words

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I have a Gcc expert 24. Lots of issues with cutting but finally figured it out. Was cutting small things fine now that I am cutting larger items it won't put the whole image on the media but most importantly when I ask it to cut it feeds the material I have loaded backwards out of the machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks feeling beyond frustrated with this machine
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Sounds as if the point of origin is not set correctly. The cutter thinks it has to roll the material back to the startiing point and winds up spitting it out the back.
^^^^ if that's the case, take the plotter offline by pushing the pAd button on the left. That then gives you manual control over the media and cut head. Move the cut head to within the rollers on the right most side (furthest from from the online pad button and on rocker switch), and move the media so that it is just over the cut line. Then press origin and press the online button again so the plotter will take instructions from the computer again
Sounds like the image is outside the white area over the outside rolllers. Also, try rotating the axis under the design tab in Greatcut.
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