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GCC Expert 24 LX install: cut test does not respond

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the help in this forum, it helped me quite a bit.
I am trying to install a second hand GCC Expert 24 LX on a 64bit win7 machine through the usb.
I'm stuck at the "cut test". On the first attempt nothing happened except the "HPGL/2 command Error".
On the second attempt (after restoring from restore point) just nothing happens; the light gives a tiny flash, that's all.
VLCD2 can communicate with the GCC. Using the 64bit driver on the original cd, Cutter is in 64bit mode and in common usb mode. Cutter is (this 2nd time) not showing up at the printers window.
I may be able to get the new drivers on monday from GCC. but if it is just something tiny stupid :rolleyes:thing that I have been overlooking for about 4 hours I'd love to know so I can get busy this weekend (and I really should). Couldn't find a description of this problem anywhere.
Does anyone have any thoughts or bright idea's ?

Thanks in advance,

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On the machine, turn it offline. Then position the cut blade head and press
origin. Then press test cut. Should
cut a small square with diagonal cuts inside
Wow. Can I say "Wow you guys are fast" ? Yes I can. Wow you guys are fast!
And good! To 20vK /and/ any other newbies out there: there is 1 very important difference between the manual and 20vK's remark: press origin after positioning the cut blade...... the manual omitted that and indeed I was able to reproduce the working and the not working way of doing the test cut. Big kuddo for you 20vK !
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To Brian: thanks, I found them, but I have to register my (2nd hand) cutter to download anything, so I have to wait for that (I assume) till I hear back from GCC about my registration (which I did to contact the tech guys).
To plan b: no software, on the cutter itself, but you probably all ready guessed that :)

What ever soft ware you get to cut designs, make sure it has the driver for your cutter. For beginners I recommend winpcsignpro as it had drivers for over 400 cutters. In the past I have used www.heatpressvinyl. com so far he had the best pricing
Glad it helped!

Once you have done your cut, check that you are not cutting too deep or into the plastic strip at all. You can adjust this through the blade holder to begin with.

You want to cut the vinyl and just lightly mark the carrier sheet, so you get a clean cut, easy weed, but the strip remains undamaged.

You can then make additional fine tune changes through your software
for various material colours and types.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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