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GCC Clipper Owners - How do you like it how long have you had it AR-24

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GCC Clipper Owners - How do you like it how long have you had it AR-24.

I just received it and run it with SCAL pro 3 . I run it along an Expert 24 lx and Expert II 24lx . SCAL picks it up as AR-24 so I'm thinking this is just a remake / rebrand of another plotter from GCC.

Imprintables has them for $300 . I tried a Vinyl express r31. Worst $300 ever spent. I made the $300 back with the materials they give you but wow.

So far I Like the GCC Clipper it is very quiet and cuts accurate like the expert 24 lx. I hope it lasts as long as the Experts have.

How do you like yours? How long have you had it and how often have you used it. If you previously owned one what did you change to?
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I have ran this machine for about a week now, it runs very smooth and is able to complete small details. Pressure settings are great and speed is good. It functions like a simple version of my EX 24 LX 1 & 2. It uses the same blade holder and blades as the EX 24 LX 2. Very simple interface and gets the job done. Works along side EX 24LX 1 on the same pc. Can have them both run at the same time. The EX 24 LX 2 is on a separate pc because when cutting with the AAS my epsons start to print, all 3 will say printing and load a paper also when adjusting the pressure with vlcd .

Runs great solid machine feels good and just operates very smooth and quiet.
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