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Garment design manufacturer - Pattern Design

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Hi everyone. I had no luck posting this before so i will post again in hopes of getting a good answer. I am looking for garmen manufacturers in ontario, preferrably toronto/hamilton/niagara region.

What i posted:

I have a clothing brand I am going to start up and I need a garment manufacturer. I would also like to know what the best type of tshirts are to use.

some designs that I have would need to be screen printed (for the shirts with only the logo on them etc.)

but the rest of the designs are patterns ( think of zebra patters, leopard print, polka dots, etc.)

examples of shirts similar to what I will be designing are here:


Happy Happy Joy Joy - Teenage

Criminal Damage Wildlife Tee Leopard Print T-Shirt - Criminal Damage from Club JJ UK

IC Logo Mash T-Shirt - T-Shirts - Icecream - BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB / ICECREAM


please look at all of these examples if you can for the best idea.

also: I am located in canada. Southern ontario (Niagara falls. Close to toronto, pretty close to buffalo NY) I am open to everywhere in north america, central and south america for garment factories but I would be willing to try one first located preferrably in ontario canada. Send whatever garment designing factories you can that will help bring my ideas to life.

I'm not looking for a factory that does basic stuff you know what i mean please think of garment factories/companies that would be able to make what I have posted above as tshirt examples

Please help me with any information you might have. I am a beginner to this industry but with huge ideas and designs which I know will sell and the ambition to succeed in this business no matter what.

Feel free to send me a pm if you can help thanks
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im also super interested in this, so someone please help us!!!
I don't have all the detail about how the shirt you listed are made but shirt like those can be made in small or big order with all over sublimation. Check ou t this technic if you dont know about it, for your style of design it might be the best choice for starting up without having to spend big money to manufacture your own textile, witch will cost big money.

Check out the guys at Jackprint, they do All over sublimation
All-Over Shirt Printing | Full Color Shirts | Jakprints, Inc
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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