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I am trying to create a custom template (background image) to provide precise print locations for the Livingston Dual Sleeve platen. I was provided a template from Equipment Zone but the template is upside down in addition to not aligning horizontally to the platens (the platens are 4" wide but 1/4" of the outside of each platen falls outside of the F2100's max print width of 16"). So centering a 4" wide graphic over the provided template (image is aligned against the outside edge of the grid) results in the print landing 1/4" inside the outer edge of the platen and 1/4" of the print landing outside the inner edge of the platen.

I have created a 16" x 20" image with precise color blocks where the platens actually land within the print area of the printer, however when I import my background image into Garment Creator, it renders about 3 times as large as the actual 16" x 20" printable grid area. I looked at the templates provided to me and they are all 1136px x 1136px with white margins around the relevant template image guides. Should I be creating my templates as a square image with matching white space margins and then save out at 1136px by 1136px? What's the significance of this odd dimension? At 1136px x 1136px template size, how large should my white borders in that template be to display the important color blocks I've created to render accurately within the 16" x 20" grid? Or am I assuming too much control and accuracy from within Garment Creator? I am still learning the printer and software.

Thanks to anyone who can chime in.
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