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Garment Creator Cost Estimate

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Ok, I have a logo for the back of the shirt that is 10 1/2 x 15 3/4 inches and is going on a light olive green shirt, so I am going with dark colored garment and no variances on any other controls, problem is it is saying that it is costing me $7.07 to print logo, now on a white shirt it says it cost me $1.97 to print, WTH, costing me $5 more to print on dark garment.If I stay on white garment it prints fine besides the yellow wording turns to a brown and not vibrant as it should be. Please help I have 200 of these to get out.
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Sorry here is a pic of logo


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No way that is correct. Make sure you're estimating 1 print and not 10 or 15 when you check the estimate.
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