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c50bossio said:
i knw but i dont got a galaxy shirt at the moment:D ...can anyone give me an r/n number for it or sumtin i wuld appreciate it ...thx u


The way galaxy tees work is that the guy most likely is cutting out the middleman somewhere. When you buy galaxy tees from places like yodaddy tees and such, they will charge you so them and galaxy can make a profit. Some people have direct contacts with people that get them overseas. I go to new york alot and see vans upon vans selling these tees in large quantities (straight out of the made in malaysia/vietnam boxes). Also, you want to be careful when selling galaxy tees after your design is on them. Galaxy brands their name in the tees in several places pretty nicely nowadays (alongside the inside neck). In other words, even if the label is taken off, people will still see that the brand was originally galaxy. I hope this helps
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