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Funtime compatable with Cricut?

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I am very new to Rhinestoning, i have been looking for this answer, if it is not compatable i will have to get a new cutter.
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I just want to add, i do have the Sure Cuts Alot program.
Funtime doesn't export in SVG format, however it might be possible to export as AI or EPS from Funtime, importing into Inkscape, and then save as a SVG for SCAL. However, I don't know if the circles will retain their roundness after being converted twice. I guess you could draw a few circles in the Funtime Lite free version and then do some testing.

If it doesn't work, then KNK Studio GE WILL export in SVG format and there are a lot of happy customers using that software to make their patterns. :)
Hi Sandy

Thank you for your reply, where can i buy KNK Studios??
It is sold at www.knkusa.com.

I contacted them awhile ago and its not compatible with the Cricut.. I suggest you get the KNK

I have tried using SCAL and Rhinestones ..it will not make the circles correctly
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kabbs, I'm trying to answer your private message to me, but it says you've exceeded your storage limit. Feel free to email me, I guess, and I can answer you? I hope posting this doesn't violate any of the rules here, but I didn't know what else to do???
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