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Fundraising for my daughter's cause: Rett Syndrome

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Hello everyone. My name is Gregorio (Rett Fighter) and I have a 5 year old daughter who has Rett Syndrome (Rett Syndrome.org). This syndrome is a mutation of one of the X chromosomes, which prevents production (in the DNA chain) of a protein needed for muscle response to a conscious message from the brain for the muscle to perform. Basically because of this lack of protein my daughter does not speak or walk due to not having muscle control (apraxia). So I am starting fundraising events to raise money for her immediate special needs and for the research foundation (International Rett Syndrome Foundation-IRSF). I have silk screening equipment that I bought from a friend of mine to use for t-shirt sales, but it is too much trouble to do on site, so I am looking into setting up with heat transfers to do color and a cleaner job on site. I look forward to everyones wealth of knowledge as I will be inquiring about which printer, paper and ink to buy.
Thank you everyone.
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Hi Grey,

My best blessing for your daughter. You will find some great answers about the printer, ink, paper, try to read and post the question to right section in the forum.

Best of luck!

I am sorry to hear about the condition of your daughter.

Just this Friday, I saw the grandson of my brother who is just a few months old. His extremeties are purplish which gets worst when he cries. One of the arteries to his heart is blocked and the heart also got a hole. His heart could fail anytime but if he lives to 2 he needs or about 1-1/2 years from now, to be operated on (open heart). Subsequent operations are needed when he gets older.

My brother cannot afford the operation. He is a Jehovah's witness and live by his faith. Soft spoken with a kind word for everyone, some pastors(preachers) I know pales in comparison. Sometimes, one can't help but ask why bad things happen to good people. But sometimes, we just have to be strong and believe.

I wish you success in your fundraising and hope to hear some good news later.

As to you question, the Epson Workforce 1100 should fit your needs. Jetpro soft stretch or JPSS paper for white shirts; 3G opaque for dark cotton, Jet Opaque II for dark polycotton.

I've often heard of cobra inks(I use generic inks) so you may want to look into this.

As to heat press, there are the stahls, hotronix, etc. Mighty press (from stahl) is more reasonably priced. The lower ends are the sunie's, gecko(?), and the one from pro-world. I use a China made press and can say that they get the job done (if budget is a consideration).

Good luck Gregorio and do search for more information.
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if you cannot afford the heat press right now and you would like some help in doing the shirts - let me know - I would be glad to assist you until you can afford a heat press - also good luck with your fundraising - are you doing any other kind of fundraising other than t-shirts - good luck with all - take care
Thank you for replying. I just found that I had messages. I am very new to forums and its posts/replies so I am not very good at navigating through this. I do have some questions for dianacol11 and BroJames. Could you email me at [email protected]? I would really appreciate it.
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