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Full Front Side to side print Questions

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What is the average size for most tees that makes it look like it goes from side to side and how do you get it on the smaller sizes? Is there a guideline somewhere? Is 12.5 for adults safe? Please advise!
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It depends on the dimensions of the design, but assuming the design has a landscape format I use 11.5" for the front and 12" for the back when I'm printing a variety of sizes of shirts. 12.5" is going to be a little too wide on the smaller sizes of shirts. It will fit but when the person is wearing the shirt the print will begin disappearing under his arms.
We go anywhere from 10.5-11.5 inches wide for chest prints. When we print on both racerback womens tanks and mens t's for clients that want minimal screen fees, we size to the smallest tank and largest tee. Just find a good middle.
When you say side to side, you just mean across the chest? Or do you mean wrapping under arms?

11" Wide is what we use most of the time - if a customer wants a larger print - we will go upwards of 12" - never larger than 14 though
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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