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An introduction to why and how i came on to t shirt forums, and why i joined today in order to help others who maybe searching the exact same thing i was only a few months ago.....

We came on this forum as ex-pats now living in Dubai, looking to find the common household and familiar names like Fruit of the loom and other quality value apparel in Dubai and the wider UAE.
We couldn't find any such products anywhere, and we wanted to start a t shirt business....the local Indian made garments were just not to our liking.

Lone behold, there were no such sellers or distributors in the region, and now today after a few months of negotiations we have secured the distribution rights with Fruit of the loom and Russell - Jerzees, for the entire UAE.
So if like the large ex-pat community in the UAE, you want to get your hands on names familiar in Europe and America, FINALLY now you can get a hold of their full range.

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