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From vector art to film positive...no good printer, but everything else.

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I work in Inkscape, which saves in .svg normally. I also have Xara Xtreme 5 and Photoshop, but am learning Inkscape first for screen printing t-shirts for some reason. *shrugs* Very good tutorials by heathenx.

Questions: How do I get my artwork from the .svg format to the film positive (a transparency) so I can burn my screens? Do I save the layers in a .bmp format at the correct size or another format? Can I take "said" format to some place like a Kinko's for them to print these for me (at least on this first commissioned job until I earn enough to purchase a good printer)? If I have a smaller printer (inkjet: Canon Pixma iP1500) which prints up to 8.5" x 14", could I get by with this one and mesh the transparencies together (bootleg my own work until...) and if so, what's the best method, format for printing, etc.? I would only really be using black anyway for the positives. What are some drawbacks for doing this method?

I just want to save it in the right format to take someplace (if that's absolutely hat I have to do) so I cand start burning my screens. Or, what formats do you guy save your work in to print...let's say, if you have a simple 1 or 2 color design that;'s simple enough to register and crank out.

I have my art, press, screens, emulsion, ink, etc. ready to go, but no film positives to go with it. Intuitively it seems like a mole hill that feel like a mountain.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I would save as a PDF if you are doing vector work. If you can't output from the software as a PDF download a free PDF printer
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