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Hey Guys,

Nice to finally be a member of the forum.

Long story short, i've been ghost browsing this forum for about a month now.
I am really interested in starting a clothing line.
The style i'm aiming for the most is the streetwear style (baggy, oversized, bright colours etc.)

I've got some questions as well. ( Please excuse if these questions have been posted here before, i have zero to no idea how to work this forum )

So my main issue is that i am located in Bulgaria ( Eastern Europe )
I have no idea which brand to use for blanks ( mainly hoodies and t-shirts )
I would like the quality to be fairly good ( no 100% perfect ) but I am also on a "tight" budget.
What i mean by that is, that i am not willing to buy the highest end blanks, mid-tear would do the job for me in the beginning.
I have looked through Fruit of The Loom, actually ordered a sample, but the quality and sizing is pure rubbish.
Any suggestions to where i should look in to for mid-tear blanks with proper sizing (oversized would be ideal), please let me know!

Any advice and/or information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!

- Velin
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