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FREE program to edit out photo backgrounds??

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Hi, I'm taking pics of my garments, and wanted to know (besides photoshop), whats a good free program that would let me edit out backgrounds in a snap?
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try Gimp... a photoshop wannabe and it is free
Please tell me how to take the background out in photoshop, thanks
Sandy Jo....I use the cutout lab (under image) in corel photo paint. Or another way is shown at
Getting Rid of That Darned White Box or check out
How to Color a Cow and Remove the White Box Around It (Cow Included)
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Charles,, I have Photo shop, will this work the same in photo shop as corel photo paint?
Charles, Please Pm me if you have come up with Numbers for templates, or better yet put it on my blog,, thanks
Any program that has layers:
  1. Make a new layer
  2. Make transparent
  3. trace outline (a complete outline)
  4. bucket fill outside of image
  5. merge down
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sandy jo...here is a link to a couple tutorial on removing background


I will send a PM
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That's a very well informative tutorial Charles. Thank's for sharing.
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