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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the T-shirt forum. I'm planning to start a t-shirt business; I've been researching the business (read the t-shirt revolution, read postings at the t-shirt forum, etc...) I was planning to buy an Ana jet Sprint, spoke with the Ana jet rep, etc. but I learned that the cost of the ink is much more that what the manufacturer claims. When ever you have to buy ink cartridges directly from the manufacturer you will most likely pay more for the ink which means more cost per t-shirt. My other option would be the Free Jet 320 TX which uses ink containers instead of sealed cartridges and has proprietary wet cap system which is supposed to keep the printer heads from clogging while the machine is idle. There seems to be very little information on this machine.
Are any owners of the Free Jet out there? Can you tell me how long you had the machine for? Is it reliable, are you happy with the print quality of the machine, what do you think is the average ink cost per dark t-shirt (one sided, average size print), how many of the same t-shirts can you print a day, what do you like and dislike about the machine, etc.
Thanks so much.
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