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Hi all,

I've been cruising the forum today and it's truly terrific.

Here's my situation:

I have a martial arts school in Norther California. We offer t-shirts for our students. Up until now, we've had one design that everyone wears. The difficulty is that to keep all the different sizes in stock, we need to get short runs from our screen printer. It's really not worth it. We’re really low on stock and now it’s time to make an order.

What we really want to do is print the shirts in-house. We want to be able to offer several different shirts designs. We’d also like offer one-off designs for special events, including birthday parties. I would also like to be able to customize our uniforms. Having each uniform screened is too expensive and wouldn’t be customized for each individual.

I've never done any of this type of printing before. (I am quite familiar with ink jet printing for quality photography.) I use Adobe CS3 Illustrator and Photoshop.

I am wondering whether I will be able to get high enough quality printing out of heat transfers. Our prints really do need to be quality and they need to last. I have a new Epson R1900 (I wore out my R1800) with a continuous ink system using pigment inks.

I’m not looking for some huge ROI. Rather, I’m looking to be able to offer our customers more goodies and have more of our shirts around the community.

I would appreciate information about all of the aspects of this, including whether it’s worth the bother.

Thanks and hi!

Chief Instructor Aikido'Ka
Training Peaceful Warriors of All Ages
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