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Found an alternative to buying all black cartridges

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Hello All,

I'm new here and this is my first post, but I wanted to share a breakthrough I recently discovered related to my Epson 1430 and buying the $100 all black cartridges every few months. I've been printing seriously as a small business for about three years now. I became so frustrated with buying the all black cartridges for $100 a pop every few months, I decided to try something. I went to an Office Depot and bought a $20 bottle of Epson black ink, specifically Epson Ecotank 502 Black (127 ml). I am thrilled to report that I have printed several transparencies successfully and washout has been great. What's more, I only had to use half of that bottle to refill my cartridges. Two things to also keep in mind: I did up accurip droplet to 13 from the standard 12, as I found the 12 to be *slightly* more faint than I was getting before. But when I put a flashlight behind the print, no light penetrates. Secondly, you need to let this ink dry a bit longer than the all black system, however, it's dry enough to tape to the screen after about five minutes. Now, I realize that I could run into problems down the road; perhaps over time this different ink will clog the print head or cause some other problem. That's the risk I'm taking, but, then again, we've been using the "wrong" ink for the Epson every time we use the all black system cartridges. If anyone else has played around with other bulk inks, I'd be interested to hear of your results. Sorry for the long-winded post. Thanks.
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