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I've been using inkjet paper from Alpha Supply on my Epsons with both dye inks and pigmented inks. Also I've been using Neenah Imagetrans with my laser. I've had bleeds with both inkjet inks and the Imagetrans has trouble with light colors and pure blacks. I've been getting a little frustrated so I started researching other pigmented inks just in the last few days.

I had urgent job fall in my lap yesterday and ran over to Kelly Paper and got some Fotowear Transferwear CLP to try out. I printed it on my OKI C3200 Laser Printer, put it on a 50/50 shirt and threw it in a sink full of water. 2-hours later and it's not bled a drop. Nice!

It probably has the heaviest hand and most apparent polymer window of any paper I've used but I think I can live with it for the piece of mind that the shirts won't bleed. I did note that it is harder to peel than all the other papers and I had to reheat it on an intricately cut design to get all the paper off.
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