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Former Darkroom Photography Girl Venturing in Silk Screen

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I would like to thank all of the members whom have posted here it has been helpful.. I wish i would have found this forum B4 i purchased the suck speedball crap...LOL i learned quick

Now i use Ulano qx-5 and an emulsion coater.
with aluminum Frames and my stoufer exposure guide

I built an exposure unit with the help of my husband. and a coating stand.. Thank you all for all your help.. :D
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Even speedball has its use. Don't waste it. Use it for promo posters or practice printing. Or Xmas gifts for the fam. Coming from a dark room you're ahead of the game because you already know theres somethings you can rush and other things you just plain can't. I still love shooting medium format on a tlr and spending time in a good dark room. Good luck and welcome to the forums!
Aww Thanks.. Actually i had to jars i returned one to hobby lobby the other i am using for my daughter to learn with. :) and yes both have the basic principals when it comes to exposure times .. I am at present looking for a lamp that fits my Beast Enlarger since it does larger format perhaps i can expose two screens at one time. I also use my Darkroom timer to turn of the exposure machine off...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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