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Forever Laser Dark Transfer Paper Nightmare

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So, I thought I would be slick and use Forever Dark Laser No Cut Low Temp Transfer paper for a large job. The design was too detailed and difficult for my usual vinyl silhouette job. Needless to say I do not have the extra special OKI white toner laser printer, so using this paper on a dark shirt is pretty much worthless for me as I cannot afford that particular printer.
All of this said, I am now stuck with 98 pages (I used 2 to see if it worked) of this paper I will never be able to use and spent $230.00!!!!!
Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can sell this paper? It's brand new, in the box, except for the 2 sheets I used of course.
If I could get some of this money back I could sleep a little better at night!
TIA for any help!
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you can use them on a laser printer and then finish with the Forever FlexSoft colors to do a detailed monochrome image on cotton shirts.
this says you can use them in normal cmyk printers:

Unlike other products, Laser Dark No-Cut works with both CMYK and white toner printers, so you can use it for GO UNO, OKI C831-TS, 711WT, or OKI PRO 920WT. The FOREVER Laser Dark (No-Cut) Low Temp A Foil & B Paper Low Temp instruction sheet (whew!) has complete and specific details for each application so you know how to design the graphics, and apply the papers for your color configuration. And the B Paper can be used with other products to create flock and foil effects, which is why they’re sold separately.
The adhesive layer on the B Paper adds washfastness to the applied transfer giving it excellent durability. Applied properly, your transfers should last for 30 to 40 wash cycles.
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