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for website, question on returns and exchanges

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hey all,

im working on my website and someone told me in order to accept credit cards, i would need a return policy info, now when making my return info tab,

DO I need to put like we return / exchange withing 7 days of purchase, or can i just put like, WE do not do returns or exchanges?

Thx hope you understand
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You can do whatever you wish, a return policy is preferred, even with a restocking fee, but you need the page, you also need a shipping page, contact us page, and terms and conditions page.

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oh yeah 1 more question, for the terms and conditions page, should i just add all the default settings for it? or like just pick a few of them, because im not sure what to do on that page, its blank atm.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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