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Ok guys a while ago i made an order with CONTINENTAL CLOTHING here in the UK but my plans and directions have changed and so i will no longer be needing these blanks therfore i wish to sell them off to someone who needs and wants them.

I am just looking to get back what i paid for them so no major profit interests me. id jst rather sell them to someone who will use them. Since i bought them i left them in the shipping boxes they arrived in.

All the tshirts are MENS WHITE FITTED style N03B.

I have sizes S,M,L,XL....and have 3 packs of each size with 10 shirts of each size in each pack...so in total 30 of each size.

Continental Clothing UK - N03B

I am looking for £300 for these 2 boxes. i paid in total £325 or so but will knock it down to a flat £300.

thanks alot.
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