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For Local folks in L.A, CA I found in town screen printing supply warehouse-inexpensive

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Hello. I am quite certain most advance screen printers already know about these warehouses but for people who are like me broke, somewhat a novice but with experience I found a couple of shops. One of them is:

Ryonet (Yes the big dog they also have classs.) in L.A. Location: 1525 Rio Vista Ave, LA, CA open M-F form 7-6

Mclogan I went to this one just this Friday in downtown
2010 S. Main St. LA, CA 90007
Open M-F 8-Sat 8-12
Price very reasonable This place has a restretchable screen frame for one who has a limited space and the price is very reasonable as well they will even do a demo for you, The tension of the screen is tight. Their web sight us www.mclogan.com. the shop is located almost literally across from the LA court house.

There are a couple more the, "There I think at least one to two more by the mclogan supply company. Ihave a name to a few other compaonies look up the phone number in the yellowpages.com

Best Screen Printing supply and Gns E. Screen Printing Supply.
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I use Rheetech down on 2410 S. Main St. ....I drive 4.5 hours down from Cen Cal to get my screens restretched. I usually have them do 50 at a time. I spend the night and pick them up the next morning.Great service...good prices.
I bought some stuff in the McLogans in San Diego when I was on holidays in CA last September. It was great to be able to walk in to a supply store with shelves full of stuff. Staff were very friendly & helpful too.

In Ireland our screen print suppliers are just industrial units with a trade counter. You just tell them what you want & they get it for you. Very boring & takes that impulse option out of supply shopping.
I went to McLogans in Los Angeles and I found them to be on the pricier side. I have't gone to Rheetech, but i've heard they're cheaper and just as good as McLogans. I guess you can't complain when you need something quick and your out, opposed to waiting in the mail for your order to arrive.
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