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As a member of some other forum i got discount code for an online store(all members of that forum got it). They got bunch of stuff, but they do hold cameo also and few stuff for it. To me look like price of those is quite nice, but I didn't check online if I can find cheaper. The code needs to be applied in cart. You can check price with code without making account. I don't know how much discount is when you apply that code, but this can easily be seen on your cart.

I think they are Europe based, but I am not sure. Didn't look at their site where they are from :D

discount code is:FOXY4ORANGE
their site : http://www.foxystudio.com/Category/silhouette/

They hold also cameo 3 for those who don't have it and they wanna buy it.

you can check them out if you need something for cameo.

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