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Font help !

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Right I wanted to know if I can use the Microsoft Word fonts on my t-shirts to sell ? found afew funky fonts and wanted to use them for my logo name for my t-shirt company. Can I use them or should I go down a different root with the free-ware fonts but I don't like the looks of using them and then few months down the line getting an e-mail saying you stole our font and we would like some money lol.


BenJAMIN from the UK
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Do a Google search on the names of the fonts you like. They may be freeware. If not, you can at least track down the owner and inquire about permission.
what do the major brands use I wonder ? is free-ware like 100% free to use or can they have like certain restrictions. I thought if I contacted a font maker I would think he would be very crafty in asking for alot for his font knowing that I would be selling alot of t-shirt/hoodies.
Creating fonts is an art in and of itself. There are some good free fonts out there, but the vast majority of them require payment if you are using their fonts commercially (which in your case, you are).

It's not about being 'crafty' and asking for a lot of money. Type design is a lot of work. Check out dafont.com for some good fonts. Make sure to look at the policies of the type designers. Good luck!

If you have word and the fonts are there you want to use...you can use them for make words to put on shirts...you just can't resell the font.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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