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Font Books

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Seen before in various shops that there are numerous books that you can look through in selecting fonts. Where can these books be found? Thanks
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We make our own from the fonts on the comp. If we get new ones, simply add em to the book.
I figured alot make there own. Was just wondering if someone out there produces a book? Anyone have any idea? Also know there is alot of free font out there, but is there a package you can buy as well? Thanks

Hi lnemup. If you are using Corel, you can use the program Bitstream Font Navigator that is included with the Corel Draw Suite to print out a font book. However, sometimes offering thousands of fonts is not always a good idea. Past experiences from spending hours with a customer searching for that perfect font is not always worthwhile. From my experiences I recommend sticking with a limited number of fonts that vary in style, shape and size. This way you still have a nice selection for your customer but you don't have the headache associated with all those fonts. I'm not sure if any of the other illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Flexi offer this function.
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Oh Scott...you are so right. Too many choice are not good. Limit what fonts you show the customer.
Thanks for the help. When I get my corel to work properly I will give it a try.Thanks
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