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Folders for a good price?

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Trying to find a place that sells folders for a good deal. Gotprint charges me way too much for them..here are my specs if it makes a difference:


Gloss outside & inside
full color front & back/ all of inside
Right pocket w/ slit
Standard folder size 9x12 (or anything similar to)

Thanks in advanced- any help is greatly appreciated!

BTW not sure if anyones already ordered folders from vistaprint...if so, please let me know how they turned out because Im a little scared ordering from them (afraid I might get a messed up order) :p Thanks again!
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This company did some catalog covers for us, and the price was reasonable. Printing turned out well too. It appears they also do pocket folders.
Well, there are tons of online printing companies that offer services in folder printing. You can easily find them. Most of the companies are also offering customized facilities to their valuable customers. I don’t think these products to be that much expensive as you think. I know there is a high demand of folders printing yet the market is so competitive due to the larger amount of companies doing this particular business.
I’ll advice to search online. You’ll easily find a companies offering high quality customized service with cheap cost. Trust me!!

file folder | presentation folder printing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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