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Flushing - Simple Instrucrions :)

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I'm guessing this has been discussed before.

As my new DTG 4880 Epson based printer hasn't been used since new, I'm guessing it would be a good idea to flush the machine prior to loading the first set of inks.

From memory, I believe this involves placing some cleaning fluid in the bulk cartridges and carrying out a few power cleans. Is this correct?

Do I need to fill ALL 8 carts with cleaning fluid or can I do one at a time?

Any help appreciated as I'd like to get the printer up ad running this weekend :)


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If you received a new direct to garment printer from a manufacturer then the entire system should have been flushed out thoroughly prior to shipping. If there was any ink residue left in the machine when they packed it up then you will have clogged print head or damper issues. I would imagine then that any of the major printer distributors take care to make sure that a complete flushing is done. Most manufacturers of 4880 based printers include a set of cleaning cartridges in addition to the bulk ink system cartridges. This way if you need to flush out the system (if you are leaving the printer unused for awhile for example) you use the cleaning cartridges and do not have to empty the bulk ink cartridges to put cleaning fluid in. If you didn't receive a cleaning cartridge set you should purchase one to make life easier.

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Thanks for the reply Harry.

Yes, they certainly did flush the printer and the fluid is still in the lines - a slight green tint to it.

Perhaps I don't need to do anything more than fit the ink cartridges and bring the ink through - just being cautious :)


That should be all you need to do.

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I'm sure you still remember those first few hours of new ownership when you're filled with trepidation :)
Perhaps Saturday isn't the best day to get things started :)

I've inserted all the cartridges and locked them. I followed instructions to complete a Powr Clean and now the printer's display shows:


I can't get passed this point! I checked the Epson manual and from what I can tell, the lever is set in the correct position - to the front = SECURED.
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