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Ive been lurking for a little while now and figured I would go ahead and say hi to everyone and let you know a little about me/us.

My name is Richard Reilly. I am the owner (partner with wife) of an automated screen printing and embroidery company located in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and have owned my own company for eight years now.

Our shop set up is as follows:
10-Clr M&R Gauntlet II (fully upgraded)
M&R foot mini sprint Gas dryer 12 ft belt in feed, 12 ft heat chamber, 4ft belt out
M&R 6-clr Chameloen manual press
4-clr CAPS manual Hat press
NuArc exposure unit
6 head SWF embroidery machine
4 head SWF embroidery machine
Heat Press
CorelDRAW X3
Adobe photoshop
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Wilcom ES Digitizing Software

Our shop offers Custom and Contract screen printing and embroidery as well as Freelance art & separations to client throughout the United States and Canada

I have had the pleasure of participating as a Beta Tester for CorelDRAW X3 (still testing) and have tutorials for CorelDRAW at www.unleash.com. I am pretty active at the usscreen forums site (corel & artists forums) as well as oberonplace.com and the official Corel news groups.

Hope I can be of help here as well.
We all learn something new every day and if I can answer a question I post.

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Glad you are back Richard.

If the economy can affect somebody like you that hard, just imagine what it has done to so many other folks. I don' think folks realize just how bad it has been...and still is...out there.

I'm glad you made it and are going to keep at it.
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