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Floriani Commercial OffersHeat N Gone� Topping/Stabilizer

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Floriani Commercial OffersHeat N Gone® Topping/Stabilizer

There are many projects that require a topping or a stabilizer that you want to completely remove once the embroidery is finished. Water solubles are a great solution, but not all fabrics can be washed or withstand getting wet. With new Heat N Gone® offered by Floriani Commercial, you can now get the stability you need and remove the remnants without the use of water.

Heat N Gone® can be used as a topping or a stabilizer. This film can be completely removed by using a heat press between the temperatures of 260°-300° F (120°-140° C). As a topping, it provides a perfect guide to follow on the fabric.

To use as a topping, place a piece of Heat N Gone® on top of the hooped item with the bumpy side down. Secure with pins or tape. After it has been embroidered, tear away as much excess as possible. Heat press any remaining pieces and watch them dissolve away.

As a stabilizer, use a piece of Heat N Gone® that is at least 1 inch larger than the outer perimeter of the hoop. The bumpy side of the stabilizer should be against the fabric. Once the embroidery is complete, tear away as much of the Heat N Gone® as possible and again heat press to remove leftover pieces. Heat N Gone® comes in two sizes: 10 yards by 10 inches and 25 yards by 10 inches.

For more information about the company and its full line of commercial products that includes Appli-Stitch materials, Floriani stabilizers, threads, and more, go to www.florianicommercial.com or call 865-549-5115.


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