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Flooding help!

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Hey guys!

I'm new to screen printing, I'm having a few issues when it's coming to the printing part! I have a fairly large detailed design, it's black ink on white shirt, the problem I'm having is when I flood my screen (very light pressure) then print (medium pressure) the ink deposit is so thick and blows out some of the detailed areas! I get perfect results not flooding the screen. The only problem with printing this way is if I slightly miss any part of the print, when I come to hit it again it does the same thing blowing our the details. I have a slight suspicion that the mesh count is too low for the design?

Any help would be much appreciated
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What size mesh are you using?
That's the thing when I bought the kit second hand the screens didn't have a mesh count on them, I'm pretty sure it's a 43 tho! Which I'm guessing is too low for the details...just wondering why I'm getting good results when not flooding? It's just a hit or miss process
If you have fine detail I would go with at least a 100T maybe even a 120T. Just my opinion.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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