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I have for sale a Flexi Jet Long Model. It runs great and will continue to run until the day it is sold. This unit is about 1 year old and has a fairly new printhead installed (about 2 months old). One of the biggest advantages to this particular printer is the very LARGE printable area and prints white ink.

Read more about the Flexi Jet here.

Comes with:
~Remaining ink. We use the ink from dtginks.com - it's the best.
~Remaining pretreatment.
~Wagner Power Sprayer.
~2 adult platens - 15x20.
~Extra parts (dampers, carts, etc.)
~PowerRIP, driver software, manual, etc.
~A bunch of other goodies - chip resetter, syringe to clean dampers and printhead, cps fluid, and more goodies.
~2 - 3/4 gallons of inkaid IRC for printing on canvas, golf balls, wood, etc.

Would prefer if you had dtg printing experience, but if not I can help you out:
~Limited training - How it works, basic maintenance procedure, etc.
~Graphics help - I can show you how to setup the printer for excellent color results.
~How we pretreat shirts.
~Settings to print on canvas.
~Anything else you may need to know or might like to know.
~I also have a couple of clients who require the ENTIRE printable area of this printer. I can put you in contact with them if you (and they) would like. If you can imagine, prints this big make nice $$$ as this type of service is very specialty and not offered very often or by many other printers.

My printer is in western NC. Pickup or shipping to be arranged. It may be possible for delivery depending.

Asking $15k. Please PM or email at [email protected]
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