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Flexi Bomb Sight Contour Cutting

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First time post and glad to be here. I'm using Flexi 8.6 with a Seiki Tech Plotter(not so great) and am having to run back and forth to the plotter from the computer to do the manual alignment for contour cutting. I don't have the "bomb sight" tool and can't seem to find any easier way to do this. Any tips(besides getting a different machine)to make this more efficient? Also, does anyone know where I can purchase the "bomb sight tool"?:confused:
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Anthony, I personally have never heard of the bomb site tool and after searching for it on Google I came up with a blank, Other than changing machines I'm not sure what would be faster for you, I do know that Signwarehouse.com has what they call an ARM (automatic registration mark system)
I would suggest calling them and ask if this ARM system would work on your cutter. Or to do this cheaply get a laser pointer and fix it to line up with your cutter head, you will still be going back and forth to your cutter but should help you to speed up your alignment.:D
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Thanks Dan I appreciate that. I will definitely check out the ARM on Signwarehouse.com. The laser is a great idea and an not too expensive at that.
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