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Flawless nozzle check but I can notice the banding

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Hi guys,

a strange thing happen to me today. The nozzle check is perfect as I replaced the whole system (caping station, ink assembly and printhead) last month. But during the printing process some banding occurs. What's weird is that it occurs only on CMYK when printing on dark garments with using white ink. I can print CMYK only with 50% quality and everything is ok. But when I print W+CMYK (75% and 50%) the banding is very noticeable on the CMYK layer.

I am about to print 70 orange tee's: front, back and one sleeve so I would like to have working machine for this order.

I consider to do a tube flush tommorow with the second set of cartridges as I assume some buildup in the ink assembly, but wouldn't it show on nozzle check?
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Hi zerg,
Do you have any pics showing this banding? Do you get it in both Bi and Uni direction?

Hi Kostas,

I get the banding in both: uni and bi directional.
The banding occurs also on white garment but I didn't notice it yesterday. The surface of not-pretreated shirt without white layer is just not as smooth so it's just easier to hide some imperfections.

I attach some pics. The pic with car and cmyk chart: on the top printed bidirectional, bottom: unidirectional.

I wonder if tube flush won't make it even worse since the cleaned dry ink from tubes will get to the head?


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Hi zerg,

This seems like some of the nozzles are misfiring; not clogged completely, just firing in the wrong direction. It may not be easily fixable, but I would recommend passing purging cleaner through the head and then re-applying the ink. If some of the nozzles are misfiring, then you would probably see that also on the nozzle check. Don't look for missing nozzles, just nozzles that are not aligned as they should.

Thanks for your input Kostas.

Yeah, some nozzles are misfiring, mainly on black and cyan. I always thought that it's not a problem. Some nozzles have a slightly different angle than others and few of them are firing abreast instead of making stairs pattern (but really it doesn't look bad, I was working on worse heads than current).

Here's what I did so far:

1) I took a spare cartridge set, filled it with cleaning solution and installed to the printer
2) I made an "initial ink charge" to fill the whole ink system
3) I did 3 power cleans - did nozzle check - some nozzles are lost - so situation is worse than before but I am testing it by printing with cleaning solution (maybe that's the case LOL)
4) I printed A3 image with each color strips for about 10 times (two times with "white" underbase LOL)
5) I left the printer filled with cleaning solution inside and with wet caping station as always

Tommorow morning I will re-fill it with inks and we will see...

---- EDIT ----

I filled the printer with inks again and... All nozzles are firing but some of them are misfiring. So the above procedure did nothing and I am forced to print with 100% quality until the head die.
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