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Flash Dryers? which one do I buy?

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Hi everyone

I'm looking at various flash dryers. I see how they range from 300 - 1000$. Why? Are these low end dryers not worth the money? I already have a clamshell press for final cures but I need a flash dryer for print flash print flash print- multiple colors. Are there any brands I should be concerned with buying?

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Don't buy a coil type, spring for an infrared panel, you'll thank me later
whats the problem with the coil type? uneven curing?
I have two flashes from Ryonet and they've been great for 3 years with no problems. Would suggest going bigger if possible (18" x 18"). Nothing slows down production like having to move a 16" x 16" inch flash up and down to flash a whole print.
whats the problem with the coil type? uneven curing?

Exactly. Ideally you want a fairly even consistent heat across the length and width. Coil types tend to be uneven more so that infrared types. And +1 to going bigger. I've used a Black Body 16X16 for years and am now looking to go at least 18X20. You'll pay more for the larger size. Used is always an option. And I'd go with a known name.
Hi. If you get a flash dryer try to get an 18x18". I got a Vastex F-Flash Cure Unit. It's a really nice unit for $470. They're well made and produce good heat!I got it from: advancedscreenprintsupply.com.
whatever brand you get just make sure it's an infrared panel heater and not a coil heater. I got my starter kit from Ryonet a few months before they updated their kits and I got the coil type heater (and the magnet press :( :( ). They have hotspots and aren't consistent. The infrared panel has a much more even heat across the entire panel resulting in a more even flash/cure across the design.

Also remember that the average temperature on the edges of the panel will be lower than the center so make sure that you are getting a panel that is a inch wider and longer than your normal designs. I upgraded last year through ryonet to the 18x20 flash. It's the 110/115volt model so it is suitable for a regular outlet and I'm satisfied with it so far. I just wish I got a larger unit, but I don't think they make a unit larger in the lower voltages.
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I have had both type of units. A 16x16 infrared panel and a 20x20 coil unit. The infrared is preferred but the 20x20 coil was usable because of it's size. I raised it slightly higher than normal to let the heat spread out. I really like the infrared over the coil and they are not that much more considering the quality difference.
Get as large a panel as you can afford. I have 16 x 16 and would prefer larger. Only experience I have is with IR panels. No problem there.

You want one that cycles automatically with a foot pedal that starts and stops cycle. HUGE advantage!
Not to totally disagree, but when I'm running stuff on the manual, I'd only set the dwell for fleece if I had an automatic one--we have a cam unit that you can raise or lower the panel about two inches for different garments, and I print just as fast as it flashes.
I would however, never buy a flash without a heat control, unless I was planning on retrofitting it with one--fleece is very difficult and tedious to print without being able to drop the heat slightly.

Agree with all the IR and larger than you think you need comments--our manual flash is an 18x24, I wouldn't go smaller than 18x18 if I could help it.
I have a cheapie 18x18 coil flash. I'd have gotten an infrared if I could afford it, but the one I have works alright. You just have to move it back and forth a bit over the design to make sure it covers everything - kind of a pain, but for $250 it's worth putting up with.
thanks everyone . I got a 16x16. Im glad I asked because I would of been irate with getting a coil type.
I'm currently looking for a good quality good price flash dryer and after doing my research I know I don't want those coil types as my first one. I was wondering which one you got? I was thinking of getting the 16x16 Econo. Any advice would help since I a straight beginner and decided to spend the extra money on a good one.

16x16" Econo Flash Dryer w/ Stand & Casters
That econo is a great dryer it is a infrared and is built by BBC. I used one for 3 years and is now my back up as I have an auto flash.
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