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You said you were a small operation... That being true the Flash dryer will work for you.... However most are 18" square or so.... With this in mind be carefull with the outside edges on larger prints... Make sure they too reach curing temps.. I started with just a flash dryer and it worked well on short runs of a hundred shirts or so....

If you decide to do this with just a Flash Dryer heres a couple hints that helped me..
make you a curing table If you cure on the Platen it will get too hot in a very short time causing Back Flashing as well as warping of your Platen.... With the platen Hot you will now run into problems of screens clogging from the heat trying to dry the ink...
I setup a Final Cure table, near my press, about 2 inches lower then my platen... that way, without changing the height on the flash dryer, I could flash quickly 5 to 10 seconds... yet not scorch the shirt when doing a final cure on the table... I used a Laser temp gun to make sure all the ink got cured and not just the middle.... Also I used shower stall paneling on the table...easy to clean and never had a problem of overheating and backflashing..... Even though we have a conveyor dryer I still use this simple setup when printing just a few dozen shirts or less.....
Hope this may help you save the expense of the conveyor dryer untill your reafor it.....
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