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Flash curing a print larger than the flash

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Does anyone have any experience using a flash only, no conveyor, to cure a print larger than the flash? In my case I'm wanting to cure a print that is 13x26 with an 18x18 flash unit.

How easy/hard would this be to do successfully? Feels like the area in the middle would get over cooked?

Thanks for any help! :)
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I've never tried but I would think you could do it. If it were me I would cure the first half then let it cool completely then cure the second half... that way you don't risk over curing the center considering you have the right settings to not over cure it in the first place

Another option is I used to cure all my shirts in a kitchen oven... set it to 400 and put the shirt on a cookie sheet place it in there for however long it needed to hit the cure requirements. It was a pain in the butt, but got me going till I could afford a conveyor drier... it would also cure everything evenly in your case..

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