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Flash cure t-shirt question

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I just started using my new flash unit. I also measure the temp with a infared gun. On a white shirt with back ink the measurements are as follows:

When the middle part (with the majority of black ink) reaches 320 degrees the outer part where the ink is so much the temp is lower. When the outer parts reaches 320 degrees the main part is almost 20 degrees higher.

Is this a problem or not?

I understand that black absorbs radiation, so where black is more the temp will be higher.

Do i have to wait until all parts of the printing area reach 320 even if the main part goes to 340 degrees or I have to stop when the main part reaches 320?

I have no previous experience with flash dryers.

What's the highest temp that t-shirt can stand (cotton 100%)
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All inked areas much reach cure temperature, even if that means center areas get hotter. It's not unusual for ink temperatures to reach much hotter than 320 or even 340. Better to err on the hotter end of the temperature range than the cooler end.

And you really don't want to stop curing when your gun reads 320 anyway. It means the surface area is 320 but the ink closest to the shirt is probably not.

You know you've gone too hot when your white shirts scorch. :)
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My readings are all between 330 and 350 (sometimes higher) and I put them under the heat for 2m 15s and they cure fine. Ink type, shirt fabric etc can make a difference too.
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