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Is it just my exprince or are a lot of the web desginers in the industry on the flaky side. If anyone else has had better luck in getting a good non-flaky web desiger let me in on how you did. So far all I have gotten is desigers that are excited about working when you talk to them but then you have to sit on them for weeks just to get them to call you back. And that is not even to get them to do anything. Dealing with designer has taken atleast a year of my life so far. Well if anyone has any Ideas let me know. Thanks

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Try going with a contract place like designoutpost.com, rentacoder.com, elance.com, etc.

I've had good success using designoutpost.com. You post your project with a specified payout. Different designs post project bids in the form of site layout mockups. You don't pay until they finish the job.

Sometimes, part of the delays can because of client issues. If you aren't very clear with what you want, or if you keep requesting revision after revision without clear instructions, designers can sometimes get frustrated.
I would be understading if I was requesting revisions, that they would add time. However when the site goes down and then it takes you couple of weeks to get them to answer a phone that is a problem. But I will take you tip and try that company.
Web-design is packed full of idiots. Shop carefully.
monkeylantern said:
Web-design is packed full of idiots. Shop carefully.
/agreed. There are a lot of wannabe designers out there. Are you reviewing all of their portfolios or asking for references?
Dealing with them has really been an eyeopener. I do reeview their portfoils but I havent asked for refernces I thint that is something that I should start doing.
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