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Fixing printing mistakes?

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I got some shorts printed(red and brown) with white ink.

The printing itself is mediocre BUT you can see a faded square(3" x 4") on the front of the shorts around the image(2" x 1").

The box is faded but fairly noticeable and I wouldn't feel comfortable selling them.

Also on the back along the seam there is a faded white line.

Is there ANY way to fade the extra faded ink away? A chemical solution? Washing or scrubbing technique?

The good news is there is only 40 of them but I'd still like to fix them if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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have you tried washing one to see if it's an imprint from the platten? it might just wash away....or is it definitely ink?
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You might be able to remove the marks with a spot cleaning gun. If it's a broad area, however, it might take a while or not work well.
are you positive these were screen printed and not heat pressed? what you are describing sounds like a platen mark from a heat press, especially noticeable on the red shorts?
thx for all the comments.

my bad - one wash did the trick. they're def. screenprinted.

apologies for crying wolf before i even tried washing one.

thx again for all the ideas and questions.

this board is a GOLDMINE
I found this works for ,me.....I am a new screen printer with water based ink.

1. I had some boo boo ink on the shirt.......wet white ink.......I removed the glob softly and white ink was left on the shirt.....DAMN....took my ink screen cleaner...... sprayed it on a rag...and rubbed the boo boo ink of the shirt....

Then made sure the shirt side of my sreen was also clean and free of pushed thru ink...before I did another shirt..

BTW.......keep really boo boo shirts handy...turn them inside out ...upsiade down etc and reprint onto boo boo shirts after cleaning the screen before you move to another shirt that you want to come out correctly.

I also keep shirts that are used up and or trhow aways to do my test prints.

But I am a newbie....only a few weeks strong....so take my advise for what it is worth
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