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Fixing Color?

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I have a WF 7210 with cobra pigment ink and cobra icc profiles. using JPSS on white shirts, over all things look good but my blacks are not rich more of a 80% gray and my colors are not vibrant.

So should I adjust these in photoshop or is i the icc profile? I will try to get some pics up tonight to show the color shifts.

Thanks for the help, also my ICC profile from cobra have duplicate file names but some end in .icc and others are .icc.icc are they the same?
the rest of the names are the same I am using the one for JPSS Light shirts
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Have you test printed some pure color swatches? Like a square of pure RGB black: 0,0,0? Also Red and Blue, as those will be mixed from CMYK inks (printing pure C, M, Y shouldn't prove anything).

Tell us the name of the profile you are using, as well as your printer settings in PS. Might be easiest just to screenshot the dialogs.

I've gotten good results without having to tinker with it at all, same printer and ink.
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